A Life Less Throwaway eBook

Tara Button has now taken the philosophy behind BuyMeOnce.com and shared in it the book A Life Less Throwaway: The lost art of buying for life. The book starts by looking at consumerism, and why so many products underperform.

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Tara Button
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08 Feb 2018

Looking for a A Life Less Throwaway book? Interesting ... It looks like this book is on our website merchantnavymemorialtrust.org.uk. A Life Less Throwaway PDF - reading online is now so easy!

Now more than ever, we live in a society where we covet new and shiny things. Not only has consumption risen dramatically over the last 60 years, but we are damaging the environment at the same time. That is why buying quality and why Tara Button's Buy Me Once brand has such popular appeal.Tara Button has become a champion of a lifestyle called 'mindful curation' - a way of living in which we carefully choose each object in our lives, making sure we have the best, most classic, most pleasing and longest lasting - kettles, desks, pots & pans, scissors, coats and dresses, instead of surrounding ourselves with throwaway stuff and appliances with built-in obsolescence. Tara advocates a life that celebrates what lasts, what is classic and what really suits a person.There are 10 steps to master mindful curation and each is explained in this book, from understanding and using techniques to freeing yourself from external manipulations. Finding your purpose and priorities and identifying your core tastes and style. Learning how to let go of the superfluous and how to make wise choices going forwards.Mindful curation is a lifestyle choice that will make you happier, healthier and more fulfilled spiritual as well as helping save the planet.

Tara Button has written A Life Less Throwaway because, she says: "Our lives have become stuffed full of things that let us down, cause our stress levels to skyrocket and our bank accounts to ...